Fisher Lighting and Controls How We Do It Company Values Colorado Rep

Fisher Lighting & Controls is unique within the lighting representative community not only for its wide breadth of services, but also for its core values and ways of doing business. This is how we do what we do so well.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and truthfulness. We may do sales, but we refuse to take shortcuts – that’s why we’ve been trusted business partners for over 30 years, and represent only the finest in lighting manufacturers.


When it comes to design and construction, we know that timing can be everything. Getting things done on time can be the difference between success and disappointment. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients’ and manufacturers’ orders and requests promptly and efficiently, using clear communication and only the best in order fulfillment technology.


It goes without saying that orders and information need to be accurate for you to do business and complete your projects and sales. We treat every order and request – no matter how big or small – as vitally important, and take tremendous care to ensure that everything we say and do is accurate.


Great relationships are founded on effective communication, and our entire company is structured to be extremely accessible to everyone we work with. We are known throughout the industry for our welcoming, friendly demeanors and the ease with which we communicate. We at FLC have a deep personal investment in your success.