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The LSI AirLink wireless lighting system in a nutshell:


Energy Savings


Shorter Install Time


Setup Time


Personal Lighting Control

Airlink is a complete system of Lutron-powered, wirelessly-controlled LED recessed fixtures that work in tandem with unique AirLink occ/vac sensors, switches, dimmers and remote controls to create an incredible lighting scheme that generates savings, comfort and productivity. Perfect for both retrofits and new construction, the AirLink system can be utilized in a wide variety of interior spaces and meets stringent code requirements. So how does LSI do it? Scroll down to see more.


AirLink is available in a variety of LED troffers, designed for both new construction and retrofits in commercial office spaces, education facilities, hospitals, retail environments and more. These fixtures combine great performance with LED energy efficiency and AirLink Fixture Controllers + Sensors to make such amazing energy and time savings possible.

LED Triumph Architectural Recessed Troffer

LED Side Light Recessed Troffer

LED Low Profile Recessed Troffer (LPEC)

LED Low Profile Recessed Troffer (LPASC)

LED ASC Recessed Direct/Indirect