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With their state-of-the-art Albeo high bay LED fixtures, GE is helping the Cleveland Cavaliers save money and get in more practice time.

Previously outfitted with metal halides, the lighting situation at Cavaliers’ Cleveland Clinic Courts practice facility was both a money and time drain. With ten-minute warmup times and frequent power outages, the Cavs were losing valuable time and getting out of rhythm during practices. An instant-on solution was necessary.

“We needed instant-on ability from our new lights to get the team back in action as quickly as possible,” said David Painter, Senior Manager of Practice Facilities for the Cavs. “I was walking across the court with our general manager not long ago when, lo and behold, we lost power!” said Painter. “The only lights that came back up were the LEDs, and he looked at me and he said, ‘DP, we’ve got to get this done. It’s a no brainer.’”

Enter GE’s Albeo LED solutions. Now the lights come on at full brightness instantly, meaning the Cavs don’t have to miss any time during power outages or at the start of practice.

But the benefits don’t end there. The Cleveland Clinic Courts won’t have to change the lights for over two decades, and will save $280,000 in energy and HVAC expenses over that period thanks to GE’s Albeo LED fixtures. There are also aesthetic benefits. “There’s no ‘buzzing’ sound from the LEDs, either, and the color consistency is great,” said Painter. “We had a range of lifetimes across the halide fixtures that created a color differential that drove me crazy. Everything looks uniform now, and there’s very little glare to distract the players as they practice.”

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“The Cleveland Clinic Courts’ upgrade to GE Albeo High Bay LED fixtures means $14,000 in annual savings, instant on-lighting for no warm-up time and no scheduled maintenance for two decades.”