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Fisher Lighting and Controls Current by GE Energy Power Startup Company

GE never backs away from the cutting edge, and their new venture is no exception. Current by GE is essentially a startup fostered by the multi-industry giant whose directive is to transform the energy sector – not an easy job, but Current by GE is more than up to the task.

So how does Current by GE plan to change the way we see energy? By using highly advanced technology to make anything connected to electricity far more efficient and effective. By utilizing LEDs, solar energy, energy storage and advanced monitoring and controls systems – in addition to offering financing for the implementation of energy-efficient solutions and even on-site power generation – Current is extraordinary at reducing energy costs. Their financial efficiency is furthered by its use of GE’s Intelligent Environments, which networks lighting and energy sensors to monitor and optimize energy usage and create environments that learn how to use energy based on the behavior and needs of its inhabitants, essentially creating the world’s smartest way to optimize energy usage. Current dynamically shifts energy usage at its core, complemented even further by its GE Predix software that dramatically improves grid reliability and creates cleaner, more intelligent infrastructure. Add it all up, and you get energy savings and insights galore, effectively future-proofing your business and helping you manage energy like a genius. Check out the Current By GE website or the video to your right to learn more about how Current is transforming the way we see and use energy.