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Fisher Lighting and Controls Current by GE Lighting acquires Daintree Networks for building automation and energy cost reduction logos

Fisher Lighting and Controls is extremely excited about Current By GE’s recent acquisition of Daintree Networks, the smart building control wizards headquartered in California (with sites in Boston and Melbourne, Australia). The combination of the two already-brilliant companies essentially enables Current by GE to offer extraordinarily advanced energy management and intelligent environment application solutions to their industrial, commercial and retail customers. The upshot? Fisher Lighting and Controls can now help our clients save up to 60% on their lighting and HVAC bills every month by offering Current by GE/Daintree energy management solutions and automating their building’s functioning. The combination of Daintree’s ControlScope and Current by GE’s Predix software essentially optimizes everything about how your building uses energy by analyzing data patterns and then increasing efficiency and decreasing energy usage. Currently, 90% of the world’s small- to mid-sized buildings aren’t automated – with Current by GE’s acquisition of Daintree, that number could shrink change very quickly. Contact us at Fisher Lighting and Controls today to learn more about Current by GE and how their acquisition of Daintree Networks can help you save enormous amounts of money.